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Barge & Rail Sustainable Transport

Rail/Barge Sustainable Transport


The Company is always looking for ways of improving its performance and its markets. With this in mind it has developed ways of enabling its activities to extend beyond its traditional market area of Kent.


Rail: In 2011 The Company was successful in developing a Rail Importation depot at EAST PECKHAM near Tonbridge. The purpose of this was to re-use an existing rail siding that was originally installed by British Rail to import waste to restore the gravel quarry operated by the company at that time. The Company won planning consent from the Kent County Council to use the sidings (that were uprated and improved) to import aggregates for use in local markets from further afield. The rail depot has been used to import limestone from the West Country quarries to satisfy demand in Kent. It is also being used currently to supply recycled power station ash to a nearby concrete block making factory. These developments have taken numerous 30 tonne articulated HGV’s off of the road that were travelling long distances into the County. The sidings are capable of taking trains of over 2000 tonne capacity and can deliver considerable capacity when required.


Water-Barge: In 2012 The Company in conjunction with the Port of London Authority and partners Thames Shipping Ltd Installed a purpose built barge loading facility at Denton Marine Wharf. The purpose being to deliver aggregates by water up the river Thames to inner London concrete plants instead of using a huge fleet of HGV’s. Each barge carries the same quantity of aggregates as 50 HGV’s. The barges take less than 3 hours to reach their destination instead of 50 lorry loads each taking the same time ie 50 x 3 =150 hours.

Since installation the barge loader has loaded over 1,000,000 tonnes in 5 years. The CO2 savings and congestion reductions have been colossal. It is the Company’s objective to expand this mode of delivery for obvious reasons and to the benefit of all stakeholders. This has enable JCL to contribute to the Port of London Authority’s Strategy as can be seen in the following film include PLA Video in ‘’New Videos’’ ‘’PLA

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