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Ready Mixed Concrete


J Clubb Limited have supplied ready mixed concrete in the North Kent and South East London area since the 1970s. The Company has always been committed to quality both in product and customer service. The J Clubb concrete business can offer an hourly output of over 200m3, utilising computer controlled production methods and our own fleet of dedicated drivers and mixer trucks.


It is our aim to make your job easier. Our fleet incorporates both 6 and 8m3 trucks together with vehicles that batch on site; chute concrete over 5m; convey it over 12m and pump it almost anywhere required.


J Clubb recognises that the delivery service offered to our customers will influence the total cost and experience of purchasing our products. With this in mind, our local central shipping office is manned by multi-trained experienced personnel who have direct private radio links to all vehicles and plants. The recent installation of Satellite Global Positioning to all vehicles enables us to give you an instant up-date on the progress of your order.


Concrete Sales, Technical and Production is covered by Third Party Quality Assurance to BSI Kitemark Scheme BS8500-2 and ISO 9001.


J. Clubb is self sufficient in concrete production, the best quality aggregates to BS EN 12620 produced from the Company's own quarries, together with Portland Cement to BS EN 197-1 making for a winning quality combination. Our own laboratory team are constantly monitoring concrete performance to ensure that target strengths are maintained and our reputation for good quality is upheld.


In order to provide our customers with a comprehensive service, we are able to offer the following supplemental services:-


Hot water for work in low temperatures

Full Admixture range

Foamed concrete

Self compacting and flowing mixes to aid placing

Fibre reinforced concrete to replace steel in some cases

Waterproof concrete

For concrete supplies from DIY to Self Build and major construction projects such as M25, CTRL and Dartford River Crossing.


Concrete is supplied from

Denton Marine, Mark Lane, Denton, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2QB

Darenth Quarry, Darenth Road, Dartford, DA1 1NL

East Peckham Rail Depot, John Boyle Way, East Peckham Bypass, Hale Street,  Kent


Foamed Concrete


Very light, free flowing, self levelling


Void Filling in pipes, sewers, fuel tanks, shafts & sub-ways


Savings on labour and plant, fills undercut and pockets. Permanent reinstatement first time, reduces the need for remedial visits


Thermal and sound insulation to floors and walls


In poor ground conditions

Requirements for compressive strength and minimum layer thickness (mm) of foamed concrete used in trench reinstatement as specified by the Highway Authority and Utilities Committee (HAUC)
Minimum Layer
Thickness (mm)
Strength (N/mm2)
Road base and
    Min Max
1 and 2 450 4 14
3 450 2 14
4 350 2 14
Road base alone 1 and 2 Not allowed - -
3 300 2 14
4 200 2 14
Sub-base alone All Types 150 2 14
Footways or cycle tracks 100 2 14

We have filled redundant petrol tanks, Dene holes, old mines, basements and subsidence voids. Cheaper than removing old structures and reinstatement is quicker than other methods. A good solution to the dangerous health and safety risks of void collapse.


Ready Mixed Concrete delivered right to the spot

J.Clubb Ltd can provide a concrete pump with either a boom to go over and across or a line to pump along the ground. Distances of over 75 metres can be achieved. The cost of the pump service will depend on the type and length of pump required. Special mixes can be designed to suit your requirements. J.Clubb's sales and technical team can advise you or visit your job site to assess your requirements!

UP ... DOWN ... LEFT ... RIGHT... ... the hard part in placing concrete is GETTING IT WHERE YOU WANT IT !

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