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Environmental Statement


The company fully accepts and recognises its duty of care towards the community with regard to the Environment. A dedicated team is employed to focus on compliance with legislation and the latest methods of "best practice" to ensure that our activities are environmentally sound.


Recycling has been practiced in the business for many years. the recovery of suitable materials for re-use as an aggregate is demonstrated, where possible and in the production of Ready-mixed concrete using recycled materials, sometimes back to the original customer! Domestically the reduction of waste, reduction of energy consumption and control of noise and dust ensure that our own "house is kept in order".


JCL has restored quarries to a variety of after uses from agricultural land to wildlife habit and recreational lakes. Over 70 years of experience can be drawn on to confirm the confidence in JCL held by land owners and Councils alike, the testimony is evident and backed by awards won by the company over the years. Awards for restoration and site entrance condition have been received from SAGA and the QPA.


JCL is sympathetic towards its impact upon Archaeology. The company has worked successfully for many years with the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit to ensure that the Company's activities are carried out without the loss of important sites and artefacts. In 2003 JCL received recognition from the Council for Kentish Archaeology and was awarded the Co-operation From Industry Award for the second time.



J.Clubb Ltd is a member of the Quarry Products Association where environmental responsibility is taken seriously, making restoration of quarries and minerals sites a matter of pride. Members compete annually for prestigious restoration awards that demonstrate a company's ability.


Many years ago the industry had a poor reputation for not restoring quarries to an acceptable after use and despoiled land was often a feature of mineral extraction. J.Clubb Ltd is a local business and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our neighbours and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Long before the current attitude to quarry restoration became the norm, JCL was returning quarried land back to productive agriculture.











Often the biodiversity of fields can be enhanced by the creation of attractive lakes and wildlife habitat. J.Clubb Ltd is a corporate member of The Kent Wildlife Trust and will soon begin work on a nature reserve in the Medway Valley where lakes and reed beds will be created adjacent to the river Medway. The Kent Wildlife Trust and The Environment Agency's biodiversity officers are hoping that the site will attract Otters, Bittern, Kingfishers and many other endangered and protected species to the area. The site is currently a barren farmer's field that only supports one of many local cereal crops seen for miles around. The site will also provide flood relief for villages down stream as surplus water will be retained until river levels drop after flooding.


Since 1930 when J.Clubb Ltd was first established the company has excavated aggregates from thousands of acres of land. When quarries are designed these days, only a few acres next to the working face of the quarry is un-restored so with this small exception the remainder of J. Clubb Ltd land holdings have been fully restored and are either being re-used such as at Larkfield Lakes where luxurious lakeside apartments have been built, returned to agriculture such as Old Mill Farm in Dartford or set aside for wild life habitat as described above.













J.Clubb Ltd also believes in recycling and the use of primary, scarce aggregate resources is balanced by the use of recycled aggregates such as steel slag imported from the continent through our deep water terminal at Gravesend. Also the use of crushed and recycled concrete in some concrete mixes and the use of cement replacement technology to reduce the Ordinary Portland Cement consumed.


You can be assured therefore that when you purchase materials from J.Clubb Ltd that the sustainability and biodiversity issues are not only being addressed but enhanced.

Quarry before restoration work

Quarry after restoration work

Quarry at Old Mill Farm before restoration work

Old Mill Farm restored

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